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From Research to Product: An Inspiration from Foldscope The Paper Microscope

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Foldscope – the paper microscope, is a phenomenal product. Foldscope’s design that uses low-cost materials (like paper) has made everyone able to have their own a research quality microscope so that everyone can explore the microscopic world. Foldscope strives to promote equity and accessibility, and will continue to create tools and environments that foster curiosity, openness, and collaboration.

This webinar will share the story behind the Foldscope product, to inspire Indonesian academicians, scholars, and researcher  in realizing a useful product from their research room.

Expected Output

At the end of the course, the participants should be:

  • Inspired by Foldscope story in realizing a useful product from their research room.
  • Familier with Foldscope, use it and then promote it to their community. Now, Science is more accessible for all!
Date16 May 2023
Time10.45 – 11.45 Jakarta Time
PlatformLive Zoom App
Capacity200 Attendances
*) NA

Jim Cybulski, Ph.D


  • IDR 25,000
  • Pay to BNI No. 1544674984 – Global Educollab Indonesia.

Dr. Farida Nurhasanah


  • E-Certificate
  • Connected with Global Educollab & Foldscope community
  • Special discount on Foldscope products