Learning & Collaborating Globally

We are living in a global village, where we can learn from each other and collaborate with the best partners around the world easily. We should always learn and collaborate to keep us surviving and growing.

Global Educollab encourages collaborative opportunities and innovative global learning for students, academicians, teachers, and educational personnel.

What We Do?


We support individuals as well as institutions such as schools and campuses to collaborate with global partners.


We collaborate with our global partners to provide creative education courses for students, teachers, academicians, and educators.


We collaborate with our global partners to provide affordable STEAM educational toolkits as well as educational books for Indonesian children/students/parents/educators to make learning joyful.


Finland is a country with the best education system. Therefore we provide an edu-tour for Indonesian teachers/lecturers to experience the Finnish education atmosphere. We hope that this tour can help us to improve our education system.

About Us

Global Educollab is an organization to enable global collaboration in education.


Global Educollab

Head Office: Jl. Raharja Indah 3 Blok A1 No. 2 Karanganyar – Solo 57731

Rep. Office: Jl. Kebon Bibit Barat No. 37 Bandung 40116